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batman tribute (the original series of course ;)

ok folks, i've been at work in the studio again, but this time around the new mix is mad. i don't know what it is, the strange weather we've been having here or the fact i've been working by electromagnetic speakers for so long.

so here it is, my tribute to batman (the original series of course ;) (you can also click the pic to download)


it started with a synth loop that reminded me of the original jingle. it just went mad after that. it's really not my 'style' but i'm pretty happy how it turned out. i did a better job mastering it this time around but i lost the deep low end in the process which gave it the punch in the studio mix. oh well..

and yes, i know the samples have been beaten to death, so no bitchin!

lastly, here's the remix pak if you're into that sort of thing



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