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merry x-ambient-mas!

well - even in our asylum there is kind of a xmas - so merry xmas to all of you out there!

if you need some ambient for xmas, go to www.kiew.org - in the download area you will find an exclusive xmas ambient (sound)track. If one is interested in remixing it, send me an email - I will send you a link to the remix kit - and we will put all finished remixes as a New Years special online at kiew.org - or if enough people interested - we will put them on a cd!

So have fun and don´t eat xmas stuff until you puke.
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Hello all,

I'm thinking, although its technically a remix community, would it be cool to post like a partial song with the purpose being to collaboratively write it? I've got some halfway-abandoned FL4 projects that could use some lovin' that I'd like to share with anyone interested in messing with.

=Justin Zero=

Endif - Sleeper Cell

Endif - Sleeper Cell:

This track lives in the zone of 125 BPM.

If you are for some reason using fruity 4 to remix, ask for a .flp file.
Previous versions will shit themselves, so just use the audio like everyone else.

Best few remixes will appear on upcoming endif full length, and others will be submitted to compilations,
so have no illusions that the effort will go to waste should you put it forth.
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